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Timeline: day 80 of Ukraine's defense against russia's aggression

Today is May 14. russia's military attack on Ukraine has been going on for 80 days. We're reporting on all the current news. The article will be constantly updated.

What about today?

Key points

Ukraine's Defense Minister Reznikov said that a new long-running phase of russia's war against Ukraine had begun after May 9. According to him, in the next few months, sanctions pressure on russia and foreign aid to Ukraine should create conditions under which the kremlin will finally lose the chance to achieve at least some success. "Extremely difficult weeks await us. No one will say exactly how long it will last. During this time, we will defend ourselves mostly on our own against the enraged aggressor."

But the head of intelligence, talking about the same deadlines, is more optimistic: "The breakthrough will be in the second half of August. By the end of this year, we will complete most of the active hostilities. As a result, we will restore Ukrainian rule we have lost, including Donbas and Crimea," he said. Budanov says he's not surprised by russia's failures in the war. "We know everything about our enemy. We know about their plans almost at the time when they are being built," he said.

The Ukrainian military doesn't forecast but continues to bravely and methodically destroy the russian occupiers and crush ruscist equipment. During the past 24hrs, the Joint Forces destroyed:

  • 5 tanks;
  • 5 artillery systems;
  • 6 units of combat armored vehicles;
  • 7 enemy cars.

During the day, on May 13, 10 enemy attacks were repulsed in the area of ​​the East operational and tactical group. In addition, the Ukrainian army fired at the advanced control point of the 1st separate motorized infantry brigade of the so-called "DPR." Ukrainian defenders destroyed:

  • personnel – up to 130 people
  • tanks – 2;
  • APC – 1;
  • IFV – 5;
  • BMD IFV – 1;
  • mortars – 2;
  • AT-T – 2;
  • UAV – 2.

Ukrainian defenders liberated 6 more settlements over the past 24 hours! The total is 1,015.

Air defense units shot down 3 Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles in the skies of the Ukrainian Donbas.

Defenders of Mariupol killed more than 6,000 occupiers in battles for the city, the deputy commander of the Azov Regiment, Captain Sviatoslav Palamar said.

The fighters estimate that they also destroyed more than 100 armored vehicles and 78 tanks.

27,200 occupiers have been destroyed since the beginning of the war!

80 день війни

russia has sent 105 active battalion tactical groups to Ukraine, the Pentagon estimates. Most of them are concentrated in Donbas, as orcs are trying to capture this area. But there are problems with these groups:

  • They cannot send their army across the Siverskyi Donets River, where they are being crushed by our fighters.
  • The problem is in morale and cohesion. It comes to the point that soldiers refuse to obey officers' orders. There have been cases where officers also refuse to obey management orders.

In turn, the Ukrainian authorities for the first time named the number of citizens they plan to mobilize for the army. The Ministry of Defense "focuses on the need to provide 1 million people who will fight the enemy," said Defense Minister Reznikov. Before the war, the Ukrainian Armed Forces numbered about 200,000 people.

80 день війни

Since the beginning of russia's full-scale invasion, 1,214 children have been reported missing. This was announced on May 13 by Daria Herasymchuk, an adviser to the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights and Children's Rehabilitation. Another 90 children are still searched for, and among those children who were found, two, unfortunately, were found dead, Herasymchuk says. She also said 2,389 children had been deported to russia.

The UN has named the number of Ukrainians who died at the hands of the ruscist occupiers. As of May 13, 3,573 deaths and 3,816 injuries of civilians in Ukraine have been documented. Respectively, 227 and 460 of them are children.

The first two russian military pilots will be tried for bombing civilian targets in Ukraine; hearings involving the accused pilots will begin next week. Prosecutors are also preparing to try 41 russian suspects in the killing, rape, looting, and bombing of civilians.

 Humanitarian corridors

"The heart of the country now is Azovstal. Apart from the Azov fighters, our Armed Forces, National Guards, border guards, SBU fighters, police, and territorial defense are there. I share the anxiety and turmoil of the defenders of the fortress. War is blood and tears. There are no miracles in war. Therefore, only a sober and pragmatic approach works, and we should not exaggerate the influence of world leaders, because if this influence were applicable, there would be no war.

There is a President's order to do everything possible and impossible to get our people out of there. The team is working. Negotiations with the enemy are very difficult. The result may not satisfy everyone. But our task is to get our guys out. Everyone. Alive. God willing, we will save everyone," said Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk about her vision of the situation at Azovstal.

Ukraine is currently negotiating the evacuation of 60 people from Azovstal. We are talking about the seriously wounded and medics. In total, several hundred wounded remain on the territory of the plant.

Turkey is ready to send a ship to evacuate people from Azovstal. This was announced by Erdogan's representative, Ibrahim Kalin.

Another 25 people were evacuated from Sievierodonetsk and Vrubivka today! Three of them are children, the head of the Luhansk Regional Military Administration, Serhii Haidai reported.

Way to the EU 

Ukraine expects to receive the candidate status for EU membership in June this year following the summit of EU leaders on June 23-24. Granting EU candidate status is, above all, a political signal, the first step towards recognizing that a candidate country will one day become a member of the EU.

Who's coming to Ukraine? 

About financial aid, weapons, and politicians

80 день війни

American actor Richard Gere sells his 1999 Jaguar XK8 convertible at the Bring a Trailer. All proceeds from the sale of cars will go to help Ukrainians who suffered during the war.

The G7 plans to provide €30 billion in financial assistance to Ukraine. This was reported by the German newspaper Spiegel.

Israel has approved Estonia's request to transfer the Blue Spear 5G SSM missile system to Ukraine. The Blue Spear missile system is a high-precision weapon that can strike outside of the line of sight on mobile and stationary targets at sea. Such a complex is enough to sink the russian fleet in the Black Sea. The maximum range of the missile is 290-300 km.

The Ukrainian military has completed training on the use of American Phoenix Ghost drones, which were designed specifically for the Armed Forces. This was reported in the press service of the US Department of Defense. About 20 Ukrainian servicemen were trained. Drone operators are already in Ukraine.

After Volodymyr Zelensky's meeting with US senators, the President's Office said that the decision to allocate $40 billion to Ukraine would be made next week.

News from partners

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says Berlin will not agree to peace in Ukraine if russia dictates its terms. He stated this at a pre-election event of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) in Cologne.

37 countries have already resumed their embassies in Kyiv.

Hungary supports Ukraine's accession to the EU and condemns putin's aggression, new President Katalina Novak said during today's inauguration ceremony. "We are not neutral, we are on the side of innocent victims and the truth," Novak said. She added that Hungary was fulfilling its obligations under the EU-NATO alliance and that if Hungarian interests so wished, we would say no.

The President of Finland has decided to beat the kremlin dictator. He personally called putin to inform him that the country would soon be in NATO.

Finland is ready for possible actions by Muscovy in connection with the country's accession to NATO. This was stated by the Minister of State Property and Relations with the EU Tytti Tuppurainen: "There is absolutely no panic, and we are not afraid. We have prepared for all sorts of actions, and this applies to our own decisions."

Canada is ready to provide its ships for the export of grain from Ukrainian ports. This was announced by Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly. "We need to make sure that this grain is delivered to the world. Otherwise, millions of people may face hunger," she said. Currently, 4.5 million tons of grain have been gathered in Ukrainian ports.

Earlier, the German Foreign Ministry accused russia of deliberately provoking the global food crisis by blocking the export of grain from Ukrainian ports.

Stephen King tweeted about Ukraine: "Putin assumed he was dealing with a lapdog. What he got was a wolverine. Slava Ukraini!"

Sanctions on the aggressor!

80 день війни

The manufacturer of office paper SvetoCopy is finally leaving russia. The company is selling the Svetlogorsk Pulp and Paper Mill in the Leningrad Oblast, where production was stopped earlier.

The President of Ukraine called on the United States to officially recognize russia as a sponsor of terrorism. "I count on the support of the United States to further strengthen sanctions. In addition, we believe that Muscovy should be officially recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism," said Zelensky.

Life considering hostilities

80 день війни

Volunteers and the Armed Forces released playing cards with russian war criminals. According to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii Zaluzhnyi, in 2002 the Central Command of the US Army released a list of wanted war criminals in the form of a deck of cards; by playing the US military remembered its goals. In 2022, InformNapalm continued this tradition.

Ukraine has already spent more than $8 billion on the war with russia, Ukrainian Finance Minister Serhii Marchenko told Reuters. According to Marchenko, the funds invested in development went to everything from the purchase and repair of weapons to emergency assistance to internally displaced persons. The government collected only 60% of the planned tax revenues for April, in May-June this figure may fall to 45-50%. "Kyiv needs foreign financial support, as Ukraine is forced to spend billions of dollars on extraordinary expenses. According to the Ministry of Finance, $5 billion a month is needed to finance the state budget," the minister said.

Kyiv and the region

80 день війни

Borodianka, commerce on the square in the city center. May 12, 2022

Kyiv residents are returning home! Most trains from Ukraine's West to Kyiv are almost completely full, Ukrzaliznytsia reports. "Most people now travel from the west to Kyiv. Almost all such trains are over 95% full. We estimate that at least 11,000 people return to Kyiv by rail every day," said UZ head Oleksandr Kamyshin.

Ukrainians are also returning from abroad. So, since the beginning of the month, rail returned more than 10 thousand passengers from Europe.

потяг укрзалізниця

Donetsk and Luhansk regions

More than 50 houses were destroyed by the russians in the Hirske and Popasna communities, and the plant building was damaged in Lysychansk. Approximately, this amount of housing in these communities is destroyed every day. Orcs don't care about people and their homes. They are only interested in the territory and turning it into a desert.

According to Serhii Haidai, the head of the Luhansk regional militaray administration, half of the shelling fell on settlements near the russian-occupied Popasna. In particular, Kamyshevakha, Troitske, and Zolote. Destruction was also recorded in Sievierodonetsk, Rubizhne, and Lysychansk. In the area of ​​Rubizhne, the enemy continues to exert active fire so the destruction may be much greater.

The Donetsk region may be left without a gas supply in the coming days. The mayor of Kramatorsk Oleksandr Honcharenko reported about it. He called on residents of the city and the entire region to prepare and buy electric stoves.

Evening report from Serhii Haidai:

  • Our people are being taken en masse from Popasna to the previously occupied territories to mobilize and force them to fight against Ukraine. There is information that the occupiers are beginning to mobilize without a medical commission. In addition, they will send women to war.
  • The Luhansk region does not live but survives. There are no utilities. People don't come out of cover. Relatives can't find out if people are alive, there is no mobile connection. The humanitarian aid, water brought by the SES, and faith in the Armed Forces, keep the region afloat!
  • We are preparing for two major ruscist attacks on Sievierodonetsk and a breakthrough on the Lysychansk-Bakhmut route from Popasna and Bilohorivka.
    The russians need a road to cut off the area from the connection with other regions, that is, to surround it.

Kharkiv region

The army of invaders has decided to completely abandon its positions around Kharkiv, the American Institute for War Studies (ISW) reports. According to ISW, "this is how Ukraine seems to have won the battle for Kharkiv": Ukrainian forces didn't allow russian troops to surround the city, let alone capture it. Currently, Sievierodonetsk and Lysychansk in the Donetsk region remain the main targets.

Sumy region

80 день війни

Last night, the russians fired at the border areas of the Sumy region with unguided aircraft missiles, the Interior Ministry said. No one was injured in the shelling.

80 день війни

Despite the shelling, the Sumy region is recovering: the rubble was dismantled in the private housing sector and high-rise buildings in Okhtyrka. Work is underway at the Okhtyrka CHP, Dmytro Zhyvytskyi, head of the Sumy Regional State Administration, reports. The Trostianets city center is being cleaned and the collector is being repaired.

Tonight, the enemy fired on the Velyka Pysarivka community from the territory of russia. About 6 mortar shots. There are no human casualties.

Dnipropetrovsk region 

At dawn, the enemy fired on the Shiroke community from the Uragan MRLS. People were not injured. Windows are broken in several houses. Cluster munitions are found in several yards. Deminers are working on the ground.

20:30 – the russian military fired on the territory of the Zelenodolsk community. The shell fell outside the settlement, no one was killed or injured, the head of the community, Dmytro Neveselyi reports.

In turn, the head of the military administration of the Kryvyi Rih district Yevhen Sytnychenko said that russians also fired on the territory of the Apostolove and Shyroke communities. Fortunately, there were no casualties or damage.

Zaporizhzhia region

The General Staff says that the occupiers plan to build a multi-level defense in the Zaporizhzhia direction to maintain the occupied territories.

About 40 russian servicemen were taken to the hospital of temporarily occupied Melitopol with gunshot wounds to the extremities. This is probably just the beginning of the self-inflicted shots flash mob.

Kherson region

A new summary of British intelligence is dedicated to Kherson:

  • The fact that russia managed to impose a pro-russian local leadership only in Kherson underscores russia's invasion's inability to make progress in achieving its political goals in Ukraine.
  • If russia holds a referendum on joining Kherson, it will almost certainly falsify the results to show a clear majority in favor of leaving Ukraine. Citizens of the Kherson region are likely to continue to show their opposition to the russian occupation.

Mykolaiv region

russian troops are destroying the unique Kinburn Spit Reserve in southern Ukraine, where fires have been raging for more than a week, said Human Rights Commissioner Liudmyla Denisova. There are also people on the territory of the spit who need help.

Odesa region

The occupiers transferred the Tor-M2 and Pantsir air defense systems to Zmiinyi Island, Ukrainian intelligence reports. It's quite possible that these missile systems will be placed on the island, allowing the shelling of Ukraine's territory. "Our certain assessment is that Zmiinyi Island is a strategic object that will be used by russia to control the entire North-Western part of the Black Sea," said Vadym Skibitskyi, a spokesman for Ukraine's Defense Ministry. That is why from the first days of the war russia captured the island. For orcs, the presence on the island is an additional opportunity to control the territory of Ukraine.

The UN World Food Program calls for the immediate opening of Odesa's ports in southern Ukraine so that products produced in the country during the war can move freely to the rest of the world before the global food crisis gets out of control. Yes, we ourselves would not mind, but the ports are not blocked by Ukraine.


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