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Floods in Europe in 2021 and desert in southeastern Ukraine in 2070: what's the connection?

The world is changing, as evidenced by the cataclysms, happening around the world this summer. But humankind still has a chance to influence the situation and return the climate to the state of the pre-industrial period. How many years will it take and what should be done globally right now to save the planet? Rubryka analyzed.


In summer 2021, the world literally sank. July has become a month of global flooding around the world. Even Wikipedia has already published an article about the floods in Europe, which began on July 12.

Повінь в Європі у 2021 і пустеля на південному сході України у 2070

For example, the city of Dinant in Belgium was severely damaged by floods; water washed away cars in the town. Washed cars blocked the railway crossing. In the city of Namur, as a result of heavy rain, there was a landslide. Storms disrupted the usual way of life in the northern province of Antwerp. This time there were no casualties, but it's the second wave of floods. During the first, 36 people were injured.

On July 26 in northern Italy, it rained with hail so heavily, which caused chaos on the roads and in cities. The video shows how a huge waterfall was formed from rainwater. Rivers flowed down the street slopes, some houses were covered almost to the roof with stones washed by water, and cars lay in groups like toys in a children's box with stuff. Hundreds of cars were damaged on the A1 motorway between Piacenza and Parma.

Повінь в Європі у 2021

Germany also suffered. The number of victims approached two hundred people, many went missing. And in the last days of July in several regions in western Germany and neighboring countries, it rained heavily, which provoked catastrophic floods, all because of "Brand" Cyclone, which covered the lands in North-Rhine: Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland. Publishers, museums, archives, galleries, churches, and even, as in Wuppertal, the opera house were affected.

Повінь в Європі у 2021

"A powerful stream struck our village with great force. No one warned us about the danger," Wuppertal resident Andreas von Stedman told the German newspaper DW. Water flooded the Velbrück publishing house, destroyed a bookstore, and instantly made furniture, computers, and company cars unusable.

Czech Republic, Romania, France, Luxembourg had a series of showers and floods in just one month. The same thing happened in Asia. Heavy rains fell on the Chinese province of Henan. According to the latest data, they took the lives of 33 people. Rescuers evacuated 376,000 people. Of course, we haven't forgotten about the animals. Pets are rescued from the weather in all ways: carried on their backs, on drifting objects, and just in hands.

Повінь в Європі у 2021

In late July, floods and landslides in the Indian state of Maharashtra killed about 200 people. More than 30 houses were underground. Due to bad weather in the region, there were problems with mobile connection and transport accessibility. In some areas, the water level rose by 3.5 meters.

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