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Emily, Tyshkun and other scandals: what you need to know about the dress code and how to (not) react to it

For many, December 2021 revolved not so much around gifts and deadlines as around clothes and scandals. First, there was the TV series Emily in Paris, where the creators showed a caricature and insulting image of a Ukrainian woman suffering from bad taste, and then a scandal erupted around Christina Tyshkun and her dress, in which she attended the official event.

And then there was hate. Lots of hate. Rubryka decided to find out what's wrong with all this. What to keep in mind when choosing clothes for formal meetings, and most importantly, what to think about before criticizing those whose choices you don't like.

Емілі, Тишкун та інші скандали: що треба знати про дрес-код і як (не) реагувати на нього

What is the problem?

Excessive demands and sharp reaction

Even though most women are neither Netflix stars nor employees of the Ministry of Education and Science, they still face criticism of their appearance. And it's not just about cases when clothes are really inappropriate for a particular event or place.

Емілі, Тишкун та інші скандали: що треба знати про дрес-код і як (не) реагувати на нього

We decided to ask our readers if they have ever encountered hate because of their clothes and appearance in general. Spoiler: Yes.

"Once in the village, I came to church in jeans and sneakers. I used to visit my then boyfriend's parents, and now my husband's, for two days. Of course, I didn't take any special clothes for the church. The eyes of the girls near the church climbed on their foreheads. One asked, "Do you only keep a nice dress for a club night?" I fell out. My husband and I  weren't even going to go there. And in general, I think that if your prayers are sincere, it doesn't matter what you are wearing," Olha said.

"If I came to school without make-up, some people immediately wanted to tell me what a pale, sleepless look I had. Thank you, I can see myself in the mirror.

And when I got acne because of stomach problems, an acquaintance, seeing me for the first time in a long time, allowed herself to push aside my hair on my cheekbones to get a better look (it was all on a crowded street in the city center) and comment: 'God what a horror.' I will add that it was right after the greeting," Oleksandra recalls.

"When I was dressed for the initiation in the first year of school in ordinary clothes, and not festively, everyone looked at me strangely and whispered behind my back. I don't know if it can be considered a criticism/hate, it wasn't open," Diana shared.

This happens often. Much attention is paid to the appearance of women and, as a rule, it is difficult to meet the expectations of the public. The probability that a woman will look too colorful for someone and too "gray" for someone is always outrageous. But is it really worth the attention?

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