Special Project
20 oct, 15:30

Top 5 "Change Drivers" in education: who will you vote for?

Special Project
18 oct, 19:15

Fakes, art and rocket launch: how artists resist manipulation and propaganda

She's Got It
14 oct, 10:30

Defending differently: stories of those who fight without weapons

13 oct, 19:10

Quarantine sales. How does the rule of 7 work on remote?

6 oct, 15:00

Why do businesses need to work with media? A few words about advertising budget

3 oct, 12:45

People of Action: how do street musicians live and earn a living?

23 sep, 15:00

Coworking in the Village: how to revitalize a community with one project

21 sep, 09:20

"Goat therapy": how a solution from Kherson region helps children with autism

They've Got It
17 sep, 09:45

Respect dignity: three stories of initiative Ukrainians

Special Project
15 sep, 12:05

5 stories of world children's brands appearing in Ukraine thanks to one company from Dnipro

14 sep, 17:45

"Online is a challenge": Yurii Kovryzhenko on how to be a brand chef in SMILEFOOD online restaurants

9 sep, 20:15

September 1 = first crowdfunding project!

5 sep, 09:12

Ukrainian Entrepreneur Day: TOP-5 solutions you can use

30 aug, 15:10

How to organize a festival even in a village of 1000 residents: a solution from Cherkasy region

People of Action
29 aug, 15:20

Not all heroes wear capes. Profession: stray cats rescuers

26 aug, 13:45

Village and business. How to develop your own business if you're not in the city

25 aug, 10:33

Business after the war: a Ukrainian veteran on how to create her own business from forefront idea

Postcards for You
24 aug, 08:00

30 years of Independence: 30 Ukrainian solution creators. Rubryka's large-scale project

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