She’s Got It

She's Got It
25 nov, 10:53

(Un)safe November: what to do when domestic violence is nearby

25 nov, 09:50

What to do if someone wants to attack you?

23 nov, 12:20

KPI spying scandal and "superspy" applications that will protect you

She's Got It
20 nov, 15:00

May we turn gray? Why do women decide not to dye their hair

She's Got It
19 nov, 12:15

Does the army have no gender? How the military around the world is fighting for gender equality

She's Got It
17 nov, 11:15

What to do if you don't feel safe. Application solutions for women

Let's play?
9 nov, 11:25

Test: locksmith, machine operator, or cook — what is your industrial profession?

5 nov, 16:30

"We don't want to beg and don't want to steal": how Romani women in Odesa are helped to get on their feet

22 oct, 11:50

Domestic violence: why offenders should be taught

She's Got It
14 oct, 10:30

Defending differently: stories of those who fight without weapons

She's Got It
13 oct, 14:25

No Bra Day! A reminder that your breasts need care

She's Got It
8 oct, 14:47

"Ask your mother" or How women become unseen in the delivery room

She's Got It
6 oct, 16:15

Science is she: 8 Nobel Prize winners whose discoveries changed the world

24 sep, 15:15

"I'm on the road and I'm in trouble": what to do when you're unlucky with BlaBlaCar

She's Got It
14 sep, 14:00

Come on, Cherkasy: how a professor creates a video project and attracts students to join

She's Got It
2 sep, 16:07

"Don't tell anyone": what to do with harassment at universities

She's Got It
27 aug, 12:25

"Seventh Scar," or how to protect yourself from obstetric violence during childbirth

25 aug, 10:33

Business after the war: a Ukrainian veteran on how to create her own business from forefront idea

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