19 oct, 10:49

Kyiv region officially has its first natural forest

14 oct, 08:56

Day of Defenders and Defendresses of Ukraine celebrated today

Solution of the Day
5 oct, 10:09

Pronia Prokopivna's sculpture speaks Ukrainian in Kyiv

3 oct, 12:45

People of Action: how do street musicians live and earn a living?

2 oct, 10:50

Hundreds of apartments where the light will never turn on: how to solve the problem of rebuilding in the capital

1 oct, 13:40

First art installation made of recycled plastic installed in Kyiv

1 oct, 07:45

Solution of the week: everyone can play their concert in Kyiv (VIDEO)

30 sep, 16:33

The first rubber board for separating a bicycle lane appears in Ukraine: photo

30 sep, 07:30

In Kyiv region, a unique social enterprise created at a school where children are taught beekeeping: video

29 sep, 14:45

Not just "a piece of wildlife": how activists step by step fight for Sovki ponds

28 sep, 21:00

Pinsel with psychotherapeutic effect: why go to "Catharsis" exhibition?

27 sep, 09:51

First school observatory appears in Kyiv

23 sep, 16:48

Ukraine's record and helping for children: a new mural created in Kyiv

22 sep, 10:30

"Kyiv stops developing for people, we want to change it," March for Kyiv organizers

19 sep, 16:01

Free distribution of tree saplings to start in Kyiv: how to get one

11 sep, 10:45

Phosphates and pesticides are killing the Dnieper: environmentalists declare the river's condition catastrophic

6 sep, 09:40

Saving St. Nicholas Church: BGV Group Management of Hennadii Butkevych allocates UAH 1 million for Kyiv gem's restoration

4 sep, 17:33

Tourism development center to be set up in Kyiv

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