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Special Project
20 oct, 15:30

Top 5 "Change Drivers" in education: who will you vote for?

18 oct, 14:34

Ukrainian scientists discovered substances that can prevent acute pneumonia with covid-19

12 oct, 09:27

In Zhytomyr, students have developed a mobile application for studying chemistry

8 oct, 14:55

In Dnipro, the school collects 770 kg of waste paper and exchanges for seedlings of trees and shrubs

7 oct, 16:50

Ukraine and South Africa considering joint research in Antarctica

Solution of the Day
7 oct, 09:57

Innovative desks installed in three schools in Lviv, where you can work standing and sitting: photo

She's Got It
6 oct, 16:15

Science is she: 8 Nobel Prize winners whose discoveries changed the world

4 oct, 17:15

Serfs or benefits for children? Schoolwork in Ukraine and what to do with it

27 sep, 09:51

First school observatory appears in Kyiv

24 sep, 10:20

In Cherkasy region, 24 schools receive equipment that identifies faces and controls mask mandate

22 sep, 10:36

In Khmelnytskyi region, plastic exchange boxes installed in three schools

17 sep, 23:11

3D printed Ukraine's flag to be delivered to the Moon

She's Got It
14 sep, 14:00

Come on, Cherkasy: how a professor creates a video project and attracts students to join

9 sep, 20:15

September 1 = first crowdfunding project!

In Handy
8 sep, 13:10

Bane of our editing life: TOP online solutions that will save your text

There's an Issue
8 sep, 11:28

Parent chats: how to defend yourself and your child in toxic correspondence

7 sep, 14:50

Сhurch aims at secular education, Ministry of Education doesn't mind. What is the solution for parents?

Video report
1 sep, 14:55

Schoolchildren in space: Ukrainian project will cooperate with Elon Musk's Space X and NASA

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