4 dec, 19:05

Volunteering as a social change engine: who, where and why works for free

4 dec, 18:11

Nearly half of Ukrainians against multiple citizenship

4 dec, 14:15

Winners of Hack for Locals 3.0 to implement innovative solutions to combat violence in Ukraine

3 dec, 20:00

Berdiansk colony №77 continues to function: why has the Ministry of Justice not annihilated the infamous institution so far?

3 dec, 19:00

How crowdfunding helps promote health in schools

3 dec, 17:44

Cat Stepan from Kharkiv has become a world-famous meme and is already advertising Valentino

3 dec, 13:47

Kyiv plans to install the largest nativity scene in Europe

3 dec, 12:37

Renovated Pinzel Museum being prepared for opening in Lviv: it will be barrier-free

3 dec, 11:53

Useful Сonfectionery: how people with disabilities in Cherkasy region are helped by occupational therapy

3 dec, 10:22

Ternopil reduces the cost of utilities by installing individual heating points

2 dec, 12:10

UAH 29.5 million for children's unchildlike fight against cancer. Ukrainians joined forces to help children with cancer in an unprecedented national charity event. "It concerns me! And you?"

2 dec, 10:32

Ukrainian designer received a prestigious award from PETA Germany

1 dec, 22:43

Fighting AIDS in Ukraine: how have civic initiatives reduced mortality?

1 dec, 15:05

"The river carries us in a fantastic boat", or how social agreements make cities better

Special Project
1 dec, 13:45

Christmas stories for adults and children: 6 books with a festive atmosphere

30 nov, 22:23

Rada passes law on military chaplaincy

30 nov, 21:35

UAE Embassy in Ukraine celebrated the 50th anniversary of their state with an event on gender equality

30 nov, 15:46

Ukraine to conduct census in cooperation with Apple – Zelenskyy

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