16 jun, 18:09

Macron: France ready to send additional Caesar self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine

16 jun, 11:51

Prospect of joining the EU is part of support to Ukraine, French minister says

15 jun, 20:15

Macron, Draghi, and Scholz plan to make a joint trip to Ukraine on Thursday

15 jun, 14:19

Macron: russia is the aggressor and Zelensky will have to negotiate with russia

13 jun, 14:04

Macron, Scholz, and Draghi plan to visit Kyiv on June 16, media report

30 may, 13:29

French Foreign Minister visits Bucha

23 may, 19:10

"No betrayal": FM on France's position on Ukraine's accession to the EU

18 may, 07:39

Zelensky at Cannes Festival: The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, liberty will never perish

25 apr, 15:33

Macron promises to tighten sanctions against russia after his re-election

24 apr, 21:11

Poll: Macron wins the French presidency

19 apr, 11:24

Macron says he supports the embargo on russia's energy

15 apr, 09:48

The EU is finally preparing a gradual oil embargo against russia

13 apr, 12:29

Macron considers Ukrainians and russians brothers, does not rush to call russia's actions against Ukraine genocide

11 apr, 12:32

French experts arrived in Ukraine to help investigate russia's crimes

5 apr, 14:43

French supermarket chain Auchan cutting off investment and supplies to Russia

4 apr, 12:07

After atrocities in Bucha, Macron called for tougher sanctions against russia

27 mar, 12:58

Auchan mall will remain operating in russia, its director says

23 mar, 17:17

"Values are worth more than benefits": Zelenskyy addressed French parliament

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