14 jan, 17:30

Tea for bears and playing UNO: how a workshop for people with autism and Down syndrome works in Lviv

8 jan, 14:45

Vaccinating with the third dose or the fifth? What is known about boosters

6 jan, 13:32

Booster shot for COVID-19 now available to all adult Ukrainians six months after last jab

5 jan, 16:03

Zelenskyy signs a law on organ transplantation

28 dec, 09:00

A new coronavirus variant in Ukraine. Why is the advent of Omicron good news?

24 dec, 16:03

Liver transplant surgery performed for the first time at Khmelnytskyi Regional Hospital

17 dec, 17:10

"Without Masks." A social project about people with mental disorders launched in Ukraine

16 dec, 16:23

It's official: Rada equated e-cigarettes to cigarettes

16 dec, 09:15

Zero level of tobacco use by minors: is it real in Ukraine?

14 dec, 14:29

Lviv doctors froze a patient's heart to cure atrial fibrillation

14 dec, 11:41

Ukraine has already met WHO's goal of covid vaccination of adults

13 dec, 16:20

"Schools without nicotine and tobacco": Ukraine became the third country in the world to implement a WHO pilot project

13 dec, 12:24

Kidney transplantation performed for the first time in Vynnytsia

11 dec, 17:34

Ukraine gets EUR 50M loan from EIB to buy COVID-19 vaccines

11 dec, 08:10

COVID-19 in Ukraine: Health officials confirm 10,133 daily cases as of Dec 11

10 dec, 10:25

Not a whim, but a behavioral disorder: attention deficit disorder in schoolchildren and what to do with it

In Handy
9 dec, 19:20

Correcting pronunciation and improving diction: exercises for schoolchildren

7 dec, 16:01

An innovative drug to treat tuberculosis registered in Ukraine

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