17 jun, 14:35

Zelensky: Ukraine introduces visa policy with russia from July 1

14 jun, 19:35

Biden: United States and EU are working on the construction of temporary granaries for Ukrainian grain exports

22 may, 15:15

Ukraine, Poland ready to sign agreement on joint border and customs control - Zelensky

17 may, 14:45

Sumy region: russians trying to break through Ukraine’s border

14 may, 14:18

Real face of the war: an exibition at the Ukrainain-Polish border shows destroyed towns

23 mar, 16:30

Belarusian military contacted Ukrainian authorities and said they would surrender

10 mar, 10:26

215,000 Ukrainians returned home from abroad since the beginning of the war

2 mar, 20:22

From March 1, Ukrainian citizens’ passports to travel abroad will be extended for 5 years

1 mar, 22:29

In 5 days of defense against aggression, thousands of Ukrainians returned to Ukraine - State Border Service

27 feb, 14:19

From February 28, all checkpoints with the Republic of Belarus are closed

24 feb, 13:10

Russian troops are launching assault in Kyiv region - State Border Guard Service

17 jan, 09:35

Ukraine to hold border guards training together with the United States under NATO standards

19 dec, 13:55

Ukraine stepping up border protection cooperation with Estonia

28 nov, 14:13

Migration crisis prevention: Ukrainian border guards hold drill near Belarus border

22 nov, 10:09

Ukraine is coordinating its efforts with EU countries - Kuleba on migration crisis

17 nov, 13:53

Belarus, migrants and the border: crisis for Europe and challenge for Ukraine. What's happening and what are the solutions?

What's Happening
16 nov, 14:15

Border blackmail: how Lukashenko turned illegal migration into a weapon in a "hybrid war"

15 nov, 16:15

Crossing prohibited! How border guards independently produce barbed wire for Ukrainian borders

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