20 jan, 13:59

Ukrainians saved at least 870 km of paper using an e-signature - Digital Ministry

20 jan, 13:00

"If I can get myself to my feet, what are the problems?" Crimea: chronology, pain, and people

In Handy
19 jan, 12:35

Hoarder in the building. What to do if neighbors breed unsanitary conditions

18 jan, 16:30

Food stamps around the world: how does it work abroad?

18 jan, 14:55

"Arrested Koliada": what do we owe to Ukrainian dissidents and what can we learn from them?

17 jan, 13:30

Cocoa without sugar and buckwheat without salt: what's wrong with the new school menu?

16 jan, 17:28

Zelenskyy extends visa-free entry for British citizens

16 jan, 16:05

Yoi: a language app for children of national minorities created in Ukraine

16 jan, 09:15

Day of Remembrance of Cyborgs: solutions of a country that will never give up

14 jan, 17:30

Tea for bears and playing UNO: how a workshop for people with autism and Down syndrome works in Lviv

13 jan, 16:54

For the first time in 12 years, less than a third of Ukrainians are ready to protest, a poll says

13 jan, 11:15

A new trend: remodeling things from your closet. How does upcycling work?

12 jan, 09:52

Layout of Khreshchatyk river project to be sold at NFT-auction to equip the public space with the proceeds

12 jan, 09:00

When there's no father: how volunteers help boys from single-parent families

11 jan, 18:30

Ukrainian passport ranks 35th in the world

11 jan, 16:06

A virtual 3D tour of salt mines created in Donetsk region

11 jan, 13:30

How to save on public transport? "Kyiv resident's card" and other solutions

10 jan, 11:15

Rubryka begins the Solutions Week: how to join

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